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A sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap. Designed to stick to itself and other surfaces, simply use the warmth of your hands to wrap a piece over food or a dish. All beeswax sourced from Colorado beekeeper Mark Burrows. Support a beekeeper and bee populations by using local wax, pollen and honey. 


Each design is drawn by hand and hand-printed onto fabric, a method which ensures craftsmanship through every step of the process. As each set is hand-printed, print placement varies slightly with each set.


Wildflower Comb print with camel ink on goldenrod fabric. 


Sold as a set of two wraps or three wraps. Set of two includes a 9 x 10 inch medium wrap and 12 x 13 inch large wrap. Set of three includes a 7 x 8 inch small wrap, 9 x 10 inch medium wrap and 12 x 13 inch large wrap. 

Reusable Beeswax Wrap

  • Wash in cold water with mild soap, air dry and store in a cool place. Avoid raw meat and any heat source, as wax mixture will soften or melt. 

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