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I believe fast fashion overlooks unethical environmental and social inequities, and that where and how we spend our money is a vote for the world we want to live in. Life is not always fair, but fabric certainly can be.


Thimble Fox uses ethically sourced and natural fiber fabrics to create something new. Each design is drawn by hand, hand-printed onto fabric, and hand sewn into various styles, a method which ensures craftsmanship through every step of the process. I create pieces that are meant to last, in a manner that sustains our world rather than takes from it. Choose to support handmade and sustainable fabrics, and choose to live your values every day. 


Ali grew up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin spending her days meandering through the Christmas tree forests and catching bluegill in the pond. She attended Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota, where she graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and Spanish. After nearly a decade working as an Environmental Educator, she transitioned into creating full-time. 


Her first creative forays began in elementary school, where she painted portraits of her second cousin’s ephemeral partners. While in the Peace Corps in Ecuador, she melded her affinity for creativity and the environment, and painted a series of environmentally themed community murals. Ali is a screen printer, designer and seamstress, and is currently pursuing creative endeavors through her brand, Thimble Fox. She uses her work in serigraphy and textiles as a platform for social and political commentary, and to educate about the inequities of the textile fast fashion industry.